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Meet The Keith Ohana

Meet Ronald, Lisa, and daugther, Abby.

Ronald is a tea grower, cultivating the volcanic soil, growing and pruning the tea cultivars, picking the tea as it flushes and processing the flush “by hand” to bring you the finest quality tea.

Lisa, a research plant pathologist, spends time at the farm when she can and loves sipping the tea that her husband makes (Kīlauea Beauty
is her favorite).

Abby loves helping her father on the farm, helping her mom in the laboratory and having fun with her friends. She especially loves cooking with locally grown produce and whipping up desserts that pair well with our tea.



All of the teas we currently provide in our tea shop have been grown, picked and processed bordering Hawai‘i Volcanoes National Park. Our teas of exceptional quality and flavor embody the misty mountaintop air and liquid aloha that daily bless the farms.

kilauea green tea

Kīlauea Green

Kīlauea Green is a relaxing tea with a mild vegetal taste and just the right amount of astringency. A tea with mineral notes is itself akin to the green Darjeeling tea of the upland slopes of the Himalayas, mirroring the uplands of Kilauea volcano where it is grown. It has notes of almond, umami, and sesame seeds while distinctly Hawaiian plumeria and honey shine through. The high amount of silver tips in each ounce of tea makes this desirable to the tea drinker and we recommend 5-6 grams of tea per 8 ounces of 175°F (80°C) water for brewing. This tea will transport you to a lanai overlooking the blue Pacific Ocean watching the whales breach just off shore with its sea spray undertones.

hawaiian dragon tea

Hawaiian Dragon

Hawaiian Dragon, a black tea produced from the leaves of Camellia sinensis ‘Bohea’. This Chinese tea cultivar grown under the native ‘Ōhi‘a is a boutique tea naturally infused with the floral notes of jasmine and citrus.

kilauea beauty tea

Kīlauea Beauty

Kīlauea Beauty, a black tea produced from the leaves of the Japanese cultivar Benikaori, is the tea that you want if you enjoy drinking tea from sun-up to sunset. This tea is smooth, lacks astringency, and provides a kick of caffeine to help you through the day.


Rainforest Royal Assam – Black

When initially planting out Abby’s Ohana Tea we carved out a small area for a select few Camellia sinensis var. assamica plants. These were going to be grown so we could produce a black tea reminiscent of the tea Ronald drank as a young man in Ireland. We soon discovered that the black tea produced was too good not to share. It has a naturally sweet taste that removes the need for additional honey, sugar or other sweetener. It is low in tannins making it much less astringent so removing the need to add milk. Its bright orange color is warming to the soul, its mouth feel is soft, but its full body satisfies your craving for a rich tea. It is an earthy, woody tea as our tea is grown in the heart of the Ohia rainforest of Hawaii. It is a coppery appearance as the bright orange color illuminates the cup into which it is poured. Its bouquet takes you to a place that if you close your eyes you are transported to the teahouses that sit along Piccadilly or along Pall Mall in London.

*We also offer a sample pack of 6g of each tea for you to enjoy and to help you decide which tea you would like to purchase again.


and we love sharing about ours

We at Abby’s Ohana Tea believe in community; diving in and experiencing the melting pot that is uniquely Hawai‘i. We value and appreciate everything that the people who call Hawai‘i home bring to the table. This is what makes us one ohana.

We have lived on Hawai‘i Island for nearly 20 years and Abby was born and raised here. We participate in organizations within our community at a local and state level, whether that be church, Lions Clubs International, Hui Okinawa Kobudo Taiko, or science fair, to name a few. We believe that it is important to serve those who are less fortunate than ourselves and lend a helping hand to others throughout East Hawai‘i.

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It is important to understand what makes Abby’s Ohana Tea special.

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