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Kīlauea Beauty – Black

-a light honey taste and jasmine aroma



Kīlauea Beauty – Black

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The Benikaori cultivar which we use to make our Kīlauea Beauty was developed to produce a black tea that has a flavor uniquely suited for the American market. Benikaori 2+1 leaves and shoots are withered overnight and hand rolled over a period of 2 hours before each tea ball is carefully separated into the individual rolled tea leaves and allowed to oxidize under conditions of high humidity until the tea has transformed from emerald green to a deep bronze and a jasmine fragrance fills the room. After oxidation is completed the tea is wok fired and finished to a water content of 3-4%.

As the first light of day illuminates the majestic summit of Mauna Kea, sending a warm pink glow across the ʻĀina, there is nothing better than welcoming the start of the new day with a cup of Kilauea Beauty. Its light honey taste and jasmine aroma fill your senses and lift your spirits for the new day ahead.

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