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Hawaiian Dragon – Black

-notes of floral bouquets and citrus zest


Hawaiian Dragon – Black

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Our Hawaiian Dragon Bohea can trace its origins back to the Wuyi Mountains in northern Fujian. Grown at high elevations, this tea in China is said to be worth more than its weight in gold. Our Bohea undergoes a similar processing as our Benikaori tea. Bohea however has a bouquet that is truly unique amongst our teas. It has floral characteristics in its aroma and taste of citrus and jasmine as well as smoky woody notes that come from the ‘Ōhi‘a that the tea grows under and alongside. This tea, like its relations on the mountainsides of Fujian, is prized because of the distinctive terroir of the mountainside on which it is grown in Volcano. Our Hawaiian Dragon Bohea is a darker tea and the leaves are thin and twisted with slight balling.

Hawaiian Dragon conjures up Xanadu and the pleasure dome that Kubila Khan did decree. This tea has magically taken the terroir of Hawai’i and turned it into an aromatic wonderland that caresses the sense of smell and dances across the palate with notes of floral bouquets and citrus zest as if you have entered a perfumery in Xanadu itself.

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