Abby's Ohana Tea

Rainforest Royal Assam – Black

-Bright orange color; good mouth feel; very little to no astringency; earthy, chocolaty, full bodied.  As it cools the fruity tones come to the fore. A tea to drink throughout the day.


Rainforest Royal Assam – Black

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When initially planting out Abby’s Ohana Tea we carved out a small area for a select few Camellia sinensis var. assamica plants. These were going to be grown so we could produce a black tea reminiscent of the tea Ronald drank as a young man in Ireland. We soon discovered that the black tea produced was too good not to share. It has a naturally sweet taste that removes the need for additional honey, sugar or other sweetener. It is low in tannins making it much less astringent so removing the need to add milk. Its bright orange color is warming to the soul, its mouth feel is soft, but its full body satisfies your craving for a rich tea. It is an earthy, woody tea as our tea is grown in the heart of the Ohia rainforest of Hawaii. It is a coppery appearance as the bright orange color illuminates the cup into which it is poured. Its bouquet takes you to a place that if you close your eyes you are transported to the teahouses that sit along Piccadilly or along Pall Mall in London.

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